Keep on Writing, Up and Down

It’s been a week or so, feeling bad about not writing.  Today was all over.  Had a fight with my 11 year old, which ended up in a nuclear Grade A meltdown on my part. You wouldn’t expect this from me.  Really.  I’m pretty pleasant, my kids are good kids.  I even dote on them […]

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Just Mr Robin on My Lawn

Nothing to really write about, but I opened my back door this morning and there was a robin scampering around on my back lawn. And it’s a beautiful morning! And my lawn happens to be freshly mowed, thatched and raked! It’s never been mowed thatched  and raked! Because… I hate lawns! But since I must […]

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How It All Adds Up*

I was thinking today how, if you just KEEP TRYING, how it all adds up! Writing Exercise Saving Learning Work Making something It all applies.  The only secret is to just keep DOING, keep trying, use different tactics, try-try again. Success doesn’t come in a day, and we must start somewhere. It seems so little […]

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Saturday Growth

I was really just laying in bed, feeling the Saturday blahs, with no real plan. I forced myself, however, to get out of bed, and go perhaps find one.  I’m trying to write, but one of the best things to come out of this “trying”, is that I’ve found a lot of good stuff in […]

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What happens…

When the light dims?  I don’t read a ton of self-help and spiritualism, but I do read a lot in the area of leading a happy, productive, minimalistic life. “I’d rather have a passport full of stamps, than a houseful of stuff” “Be grateful” “Give of yourself” “It’s the little things that count, in life […]

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It’s Too Quiet

I think it’s because I have a cold, a bad one. I almost cried last night because I felt so horrid (evidently watching the Downton Abbey marathon) C’mon, a cold. Ani?! Hold it together! I spent the last two days on the couch, breathing thru my mouth, drinking massive amounts of liquids and consuming weird, […]

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